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ART 14 - Color Theory: Home

ART 014 - Color Theory

This guide is intended to assist you with your research assignment for your color theory class. Click on the tabs above to locate the specific type of resources you need including reference sources, books, journals and research databases, and web resources. Most importantly, go to the MLA Citation tab for proper citation.


  • Learn about a Master artist and study their use of color in a work of art by researching and analyzing the color scheme of one of their paintings.


  • Make a short oral presentation about the artist and the color scheme of one of their paintings.


  • Analyze the color scheme used in one of their paintings and create a study of one crop of that painting that contains the main hues of the work’s color scheme.


  • Make a second study of the same crop using an alternate color scheme to replace the original.

American Gothic, painting

Grant Wood. American Gothic, 1930. Oil on Beaver Board. Friends of American Art Collection. The Art Institute of Chicago.

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