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ESL: Books

Books in the Library

Using the Library Catalog

1. From the EVC Library website, you can search for books in the search box under "Library Catalog" or directly from the Library Catalog.


2. You can search by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, LC Call #, or ISBN/ISSN

    Try using the following keywords: 


                  english as a second language

                  english grammar

                  english language textbooks for foreign speakers

                  english language spoken english


 3. On the Results Page, you can limit your results to EVC by selecting it from the dropdown menu to the right of your search term. Make sure to check the Status to see if it's available and write down the Call # to locate the book.


Reading Call Numbers             

  1. Books are shelved alphabetically by the first letter or letters. Here, DS would come before DT.
  2. Books are then arranged numerically in the second line. 
  3. The third line is a combination of a letter and a number, which is organized first alphabetically and then numerically.
  4. The fourth line is the publication year.

Cambridge English Readers

EVC has a special collection just for ESL students! Cambridge English Readers are original fiction books specially created for English learners. These books have seven different levels to suit each learner. Come to the library and browse our titles, or see the list online.

Easy Readers



Easy reader books are beginning reader books that second language learners will find helpful for building basic vocabularies and providing context for new words. These books help encourage and strengthen reading skills. Many publishers have easy reader series with the reading level noted, and oftentimes there will be multiple reading levels for easy readers. This will help readers to easily distinguish appropriate books based on the level at which one is reading. To figure out what the various reading levels mean, visit the publishers' websites or check inside the books.


FINDING EASY READERS AT Evergreen Valley College (EVC)

One method to finding easy readers in the EVC online library catalog ( is to conduct a keyword or local call number search for the term “PBE”. At EVC, PBE is our designation for easy reader books. You will see this designation on the label located on the spine of each book, also called the spine label.



Another method is to search for the name of the easy reader series. To search by series, put the series name in quotations when you conduct the search. The following are some easy reader series:

·         Cambridge English Readers

·         Footprint Reading Library

·         Compass Classic Readers

·         Oxford Bookworms Library



The easy reader books can be located at the far end of the book stack marked PBE. This is the first large book stack near the front of the library. Please ask the reference librarian for assistance if you need help locating a book.