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ESL: Browsing the Library

Using Call Numbers

The call number is the number on the spine of a book.  It acts as the book's "address" and tells you where you can find the book on the library's shelves.

 At Evergreen Valley College Library books are arranged on the shelves by call number, according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

In general, you'll find books on the same topic shelved close together. If you know the general number for your topic (for example, PE for English language), you can browse the shelves in that area for similar books.


Where to Look: English Grammar and Usage

To find books on various aspects of English language learning, browse the shelves for the following call numbers:  

PE  English language

PE1591  Dictionaries of standard English; also see Dictionaries near the study tables

PE1100  English grammar

PE1400  Academic writing

PBE  Paperback Easy Readers 

Easy Readers  Cambridge Easy Readers


ESL Collection

EVC has a special collection of books for ESL learners. It is located at the back of the first book stack. Here, you can through our Easy Readers (marked PBE) and our Cambridge English Readers (marked Easy Readers). In addition, there is a small collection of books in Spanish (marked PBS) and Vietnamese (marked PBV).