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Heritage Room at Evergreen Valley College

This is a handy guide to the materials and books in the Heritage Room in the Evergreen Valley College Library


The Heritage Collection includes over 100 copies of photographs from Evergreen history including the village, schools, mining, agriculture, families from the 1800s and early 1900s and the contributions from Ohlone Indians, Mexican Americans, and other groups a part of our diverse heritage. The collection also contains books, maps, newspaper articles, artwork, and memorabilia.

The collection was developed by Colleen Cortese and Vicki Atherton in the late 1980s with extensive community involvement.  It was officially donated to the College in 1991 with support from the San José-Evergreen Community College District Foundation.  Find out more about the grand opening of the Heritage Room at EVC Library in 2005 and its historical Evergreen memorabilia collection in an article of the Evergreen Times: Evergreen History Collection Finds a Permanent Home.

The Heritage Collection provides an appropriate, secure place for access to the collection by students, faculty, staff, and community members interested in the diverse heritage of our community. The room provides space for displays featuring various heritage topics and publicizes the continually growing collection. 

Colleen Cortese

Evergreen flyer stating that the Evergreen History Collection was turned over to the college library. April 30, 1992.

Photo: Lillian Chablo Guerich of the Chaboya family (L) and Colleen Cortese (R) at 1991 event



Evergreen Times January 2004  Photo: Vicki Atherton, Library Director (L) and Colleen Cortese (R)