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Biology 065 - Wildlife Biology: Home

Welcome -- Biology 065

This guide is intended to help you research an endangered species or an invasive species found in California associated with this wildlife biology assignment. 

Using the tabs at the top of the Research Guide, navigate through the tabs to locate the specific type of resources you need including reference sources, books, journals and research databases, and web resources.

Use the MLA Citation guide to download a copy of the MLA Citation Guide (by EVC Library) and for links you can go to for additional sources on citation. 


                             Sudden Oak Death                                           Tiger Salamander

    Images taken from Center for Invasive Species Research, University of CA Riverside & Endangered Species and Law Policy.


Research Project

The general purpose for this research paper is to introduce you to some of the literature related to wildlife biology.

Tips on using this guide for your research paper and your library assignments:

1. Choosing a topic and getting background information

The Books tab in this research guide will provide you with a number of resources that can help you identify a body system or a disease to research. 

 2. Electronic databases

Use the resources on this tab to help you to identify electronic databases available through the college library able to provide information about the selected body system or disease condition affecting the selected body system

 3. Web resources / Evaluation Guide

Use this tab to help you to identify the Internet resources that are most appropriate for scientific academic research 

4. MLA Citation 

Use this tab to help you to cite your sources.