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English 1C - Immigration: Getting Started

English 1C Research Assignment

Guide overview

Immigration issues
This guide is designed to help you find books, articles, web sites as well as to evaluate and cite sources. See the Library Web Page for more information on library services and sources. Contact a librarian for help.  

Understand your assignment

Understand Your Assignment

Read over your assignment and take note of: 

  • Paper length
    • a short paper will require a focused idea, and a longer paper a broader one. 
  • Due date(s)
    • make sure to give yourself ample time to explore sources and modify your topic. 
  • Required source types
    • keep in mind the information cycle - scholarly sources take longer to publish, so topics focused on specific recent events can be problematic.

Download a copy of your paper below. If you have questions, ask your instructor well before the paper is due! 

Selecting a Topic

Getting Ideas: 

Check newspapers, broadcast news sources, or current issues databases or news releases on our college web site for latest issues. 

Here are a few: 

ICE raids  Sanctuary  cities Sanctuary campuses  DACA – Deferred Action Against Childhood Arrivals  DREAMERS  Border wall Border Fence English-only laws   Proposition 58   Bilingual education  Forced deportations  Travel ban  Limit on Special Visas   Racial Profiling  Language discrimination  Undocumented immigrants  Migrant farm workers


Steps in the Research Process

Steps in the Research Process
  • Select a Topic
    Choose a topic related to Immigration policies or issues immigrants face in the U.S. 
  • Brainstorm for Ideas
    Choose an area that interests you > strong opinion about it? read or hear about it?
  • Do some background reading
    Encyclopedias, websites, articles
  • Refine the topic
    Limit to geographical area, population group or
    Ask who? what? where? when? why? 
  • Make a list of keywords
    Broader or narrower terms, synonyms, key concepts
  • Form a research question
    What do you attempt to answer or discuss?  
  • Locate  & Analyze your information
    Library catalog, databases, Internet search engines > evaluate your sources
  • Form your Thesis Statement
    Write your topic as a thesis statement, the answer to your research question
  • Write, write, write - cite, cite, cite

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