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ENG-1c Library Guide

For research help: Heather Ott;
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Is this information credible?

Explanation of the CRAPP test used to determine credibility of sources used in a research paper. Accessible document found below image.

Accessible document on the CRAAP test used to evaluate sources for credibility and college-level appropriatness.

Finding Credible Articles

Picture of database. Image shows that database contains magazines, newspapers and journals.


Search the databases below for credible articles to support your essay:

Locating Original Documents


Look in the databases below to find the original news articles cited in your textbook:


How to read a U.S. Supreme Court Citation:

Example: New York Times Co. v. Tasini, 533 U.S. 483 (2001). The elements are as follows. The name of the case is New York Times Co. V. Taisini. The volume of the reporter is 533. The Reporter abbreviation is U.S. The first page of the case is 483.The year of decision is 2001.

How to create the Works Cited MLA format for United States Supreme Court Decisions:


Court Name. Case Title. United States Reports, vol. #, date, pp. (page)#. Database Name.


United States Supreme Court. Brown v. Board of Education. United States Reports, vol. 347, 17 May 1954, pp. 483-97. LexisNexis.


Search for State and Federal Supreme Court Decisions here:


Search for Supreme Court Case Transcripts here:

Search for Supreme Court Briefs here: