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Introduction to Sociology - Soc 10

This guide will assist you on your sociological reflection paper for Prof. Frank Espinoza's Sociology 010 class.
Visit to get started with your research. The tabs above will guide you to various resources.

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Social Issue Paper Guidelines - Prof. Frank Espinoza

Submit a well-written Sociological Reflection Paper.

Your Paper must include the following (12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced):

1) Cover page (Not included in the minimum word count)

2) Operational definitions page (Not included in the minimum word count) defining the 5 selected concepts/topics identified from lectures/readings. Include Henslin's formal definition, followed by your expanded definition in your own words. Be sure to reference all of your sources, i.e. Henslin, and include in your work cited page.

3) The focus of your paper will be a personal reflection on each of your identified concepts/topics. You will describe how each has impacted you personally. A minimum of five separate academic sources (Only one on-line source allowed!) must be referenced in the text of the paper and included in the references page. The paper will be well written in an APA format and will require a minimum of 1500 words with the total word count typed at the end of the paper.

4) References page (this is your works cited page) - APA Style

Operational Definition:

An operational definition is used to add clarity to an abstract variable, term, or object. It can transform an abstract theoretical concept into something concrete, observable, and measurable. Operational definitions are crucial to the research process and are often the most controversial aspect of any research design.

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