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Library Resource Guide: ENGL-1B

Online Article Databases

Search the library's online Article Databases for biographies, essays, and literary critiques on a variety of authors and their works.

For overview information about the Rodney King Riots, police brutality, racism, poverty, class oppression, etc., the following databases are recommended:

Google Scholar

Use the Google Scholar search engine to find academic and scholarly articles. Not all articles are free... only the articles that have the  pdf link on the right will provide you with free access.

Google scholar result with free full text access.

Literary Reference Books

The following Literary Reference Books include articles on Lorna Dee Cervantes and Anna Deavere Smith. These books can be found in the reference section of the library. Unfortunately, they cannot be checked out but you can make photocopies or take photos of the articles you need.

Literary Critique and Reference Books on Lorna Dee Cervantes:

Literary Critique and Reference Books on Anna Deavere Smith:


Books for checkout

The following books are in our general collection and can be checked out for three weeks. All books are due back at the end of the semester.

Books on reserve about Lorna Dee Cervantes works:

Books on reserve about Anna Deavere Smith: