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ETH020 African American Culture--Kahn-Lomax: Home

African American Culture

ETH-020 Project

The final research paper will be on a person, place or event in the African American Culture/History that has inspired the student to make a change in their community. The person or event has to be pre-2000, not MalcomX; Dr. Martin Luther King , an Athlete unless it was someone from the Negro-Baseball League, and music only from the R&B, Jazz, Gospel genre. 

ETH 020     African American Culture     3 Units

This course is a survey of the African American experience in the United States. Students will critically examine past, present and evolving socio-political, economic and cultural dynamics that help to contribute to African American culture.

Library Resources for Research

While the internet can be useful tool for personal research, it is expected that you use the library resources to support your research papers and projects. The library's online resources can be accessed through the library's website. For newspaper, magazine and journal articles, search our library databases by clicking on the Find Articles link. For books and media, search our library catalog by clicking on the Find Books link.

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