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Engl1aRooftops: Source Requirements

For your research papers, you are required to use at least one book and two periodicals. Periodicals are publications that are printed and distributed at regular intervals. There are three main types of periodicals:


These may be found in both print or electronic (e.g. on the web or through the library's article databases) form.

Academic Journal Articles

Academic journals share a similar format to magazines but articles in a journal are written by scholars/professors for their academic field often with the purpose of sharing their current research. Characteristics of this type of article include:

  • Purpose is for educating
  • Articles written by scholars and experts
  • Articles are in-depth and long
  • Language of articles is technical
  • Sources are cited
  • No advertising
  • Graphs, charts and illustrations are used to show research

Example Academic Journal Articles:

Hegland, Mary Elaine. "Women and the Iranian Revolution: a village case study." Dialectical Anthropology 15.2-3 (1990): 183-192.

Kristiansen, Maria, et al. “Experiencing Loss: A Muslim Widow’s Bereavement Narrative.” Journal of Religion & Health, vol. 55, no. 1, Feb. 2016, pp. 226–240. 

Magazine Characteristics

Magazines are written to entertain the general public. Some magazines are considered more reputable and informative, like Time, Scientific American, or The Economist, while others are meant purely for entertainment and are not objective sources of information, like Men's Health or Vogue. Magazines are often great for gauging societal interests and issues.

  • Purpose is to entertain
  • Articles written by journalists
  • Uses engaging pictures and headlines to attract readers
  • Normally no citations included
  • Articles about current events and culture
  • Published monthly and sometimes weekly
  • Written for the general public thus writing is easy to understand


Newspaper Characteristics

Newspapers are often published daily to report upon current events. Newspapers are often a great source for getting news on local areas, like the San Jose Mercury Newspaper, while others report more globally, like The New York Times. If you are researching a very current topic, a newspaper may be your best option since it is published daily. Like magazines, some news sources are considered more credible than others.

  • Purpose is for entertaining
  • Articles written by journalists
  • Articles published daily
  • Usually no citation
  • Articles written to report current events
  • Articles are often short in length
  • Pictures and headlines used to grab attention