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Biology 061 - Human Heredity: Research Assignment

Research Topic

Goal: Complete a draft copy of the genetics outline and include an APA bibliography. No, you do not have to incorporate your citations within the content of your outline only list them in the APA bibliography.

Read assignment details for due dates - Follow the REQUIRED steps:

  1. A three-page outline with APA bibliography.
  2. 12 font size and single spaced. Double-space between required aspects/components). 
  3. After uploading your file to this assignment, you will be assigned two classmate's outlines to review and confirm all required aspects are present in each outline.  You will make suggestions (using the suggestion box and providing text entries to improve the outline).
  4. Again select “unique” human genetics related topic.  Use the Internet and research what disorders/resources are available and access them.
  5. Research and or collect information on the topic and cite sources using APA format. Include at least one source from a 1) Periodical, 2) Book, 3) Scientific Journal and 4) Internet)!
  6. For an expanded understanding on how to develop an outline, select the link and scroll to the bottom of the page: EVC Biology College Outline - APA FormatLinks to an external site.

The bullet point outline must include information that covers the following:

  • Topic - your choice and must be a human genetics disorder or associated with human biotechnology. 
  • Include title (bold) at center and on first page of outline.
  • Abstract/Introduction/thesis statement
  • Biology overview of topic - What chromosomes/genes are affected, symptoms, etc.
  • Brief explanation how the disorder influences human interaction and or development
  • Therapies & cost or expense for treatment
  • Laws (federal, state, international) if available/applicable
  • Conclusion-future outlook
  • APA bibliography - This section should include citations and or references from previous studies of the topic (Make certain to cite your sources).
  1. References that must be found in your bibliography include one from each of the following: 1) book, 2) scientific journal, 3) newspaper and 4) Internet.
  2. The Final genetics outline saved as a pdf or jpg.