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ESL 91 - Controversial: Getting Started

This guide serves as a tool for students who will be writing research papers in their ESL 91 class.

Steps in the Research Process

  • Select a Topic
    May be assigned. If open topic, select a current or controversial issue, one that is of interest to you.
  • Do some background reading
    Encyclopedias, websites, articles, textbooks, books.
  • Refine the topic
    Limit to geographical area, population group.
  • Form a research question
    What do you attempt to answer or discuss. 
  • Locate & Analyze your information
    Use the Library catalog, databases, Internet search engines AND evaluate your sources. Ask yourself the - who, what, where, when, why, how - to determine if the source is good. 
  • Form your Thesis Statement
    Write your topic as a thesis statement, the answer to your research question.
  • Organize, Write, & Cite

         Be sure you are following the MLA Style Guide.

Research Process