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Swank Digital Campus

What is Swank Digital Campus?

SWANK DIGITAL CAMPUS allows professors to stream films inside the classroom or assign to students as homework:

  • Includes film from major Hollywood studios, documentary providers, independent filmmakers and international film companies
  • More than 25,000 classic and well-known titles available to match any course.

EVC Library Swank Database

How do I request films and how long are they available for?

You may contact an EVC librarian for any requests or follow the instructions to the right to submit a request. Licensing agreements are good for one year (one year from the date film is ordered) for any of the films available in the Swank database. Films will need to be renewed yearly as funding permits.

How do I assign films to my students?

Unfortunately, Swank films cannot be embedded into canvas, but you can share the link to the film on your Canvas course shell. To generate the link for sharing, go to the EVC Library Swank database, select the film for viewing and click on the "Share" link. Include the Direct Link into your Canvas shell. Swank does not support a live virtual event, so students will have to watch individually from home or instructors can play the film in the classroom. 

How do students watch films?

The Swank database can be accessed the EVC Library website. From the library's list of Swank films, just click on the film you want to watch. You will be taken to the Digital Campus player, which operates much like YouTube or other online video platforms.  The film will start to play automatically once the player is open.  Just click the pause button on the bottom left to stop playing. Click on the gear icon in the lower right corner to access the subtitles menu.

If you have a problem, consult this list of Digital Campus Streaming Frequently Asked Questions.

Are there any video tutorials to help me?

Requesting Films in Swank

To request films for your class, you may contact the EVC librarians, or follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the general Swank Digital Campus website to see available films. You can search for titles, browse films by subject, and watch trailers (if available) to help make your selection. Identify titles you would like to make available to your class.
  2. Go to the EVC Library Swank portal
  3. Click on the Login button in the upper right corner and login (Create an Instructor Account if you do not have one already)
  4. Search for the film title(s) in the upper right hand corner search box.
  5. Click the "Request" button for the films and fill out the form. Hit the "Send" button when done.
  6. Your request will be routed to the library for approval.

Please keep in mind that by law we can only license closed-captioned films. This library will need to be confirm before we can secure the license for viewing.