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Activity #3


  1. Go to the library's catalog
  2. Search for one of the artists you found in Activity #1
  3. Find a relevant book about your artist. 
  4. Write down the call number of the book. As a class we will go to the art section and locate the book together.

Library Catalog


Search by keyword, author, title or subject to find books at EVC Library:

Primo Library Search


Browsing Art Books in the Library

Want to browse our art and photography collection? Go to the library's book collection and browse the sections below. Books in the library are arranged alphabetically by call number and each call number represents the subject of the books in that section. For example, books on sculpture are given a "NB" call number

call number labels on books in a library

N - Visual Arts (General)

NA - Architecture

NB - Sculpture

NC - Drawing, Design and Illustration

ND - Painting

NK - Decorative and Applied Arts, including Arts & Crafts, Interior Design, Ceramics, Costume, Metalwork, Textiles, and Woodworking

NX - Arts in general

TR - Photography