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Activity #2


  1. Go to the database Gale ebooks or Encyclopedia Britannica
  2. Search for one of the artists you found in Activity #1
  3. Find a relevant article about your artist. Practice using the built in citation tool at the top (pencil icon) to generate the MLA citation for the article
  4. Email the article to yourself.

Display of Literature category in Gale ebooks database

Finding articles in a Research Database

Many of the Library's databases contain electronic copies of articles from newspapers, magazine and journals. You may access and conduct research in these databases from off campus.To do so, you will need to select the database and log in with your email and password.

Evergreen Valley College Library subscribes to several databases that will help you find articles on topics in art, art history, and design. Try the databases below for access to hundreds of articles on the artist you select for your project.