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Heritage Room at Evergreen Valley College

This is a handy guide to the materials and books in the Heritage Room in the Evergreen Valley College Library


​​Learn ​​how settlers discovered new opportunities for growth and cleared the Valley for agriculture in the mid-1800s.


History of Santa Clara County

Chapter XII on the history of the fruit industry of Santa Clara County in History of Santa Clara County written by Eugene T. Sawyers, published in 1922, from​.

One of Our Farming Counties: Santa Clara

Article on Santa Clara County farming in Overland Monthly and Out West Magazine by John Hayes published in 1873 from San Francisco Genealogy Organization Santa Clara. 

Discovering History of Evergreen's Villa Lomas Azules

Article on Evergreen's historic Wehner Mansion, also known as Villa Lomas Azules and the Cribari Mansion, written by Sean T. Kelley and published in Evergreen Times.

Introducing Evergreen's New History Series

An article by Colleen Cortese, in the Evergreen Times, about six generations of the Mirassou family and their contributions to viticulture and winemaking in Evergreen.

Mirassou 1  Mirassou 2  Mirassou 3  Mirassou 4  Mirassou 5

The Women of Evergreen

This article, in the Evergreen Times by Colleen Cortese, tells of the items brought to Evergreen by the area's early women settlers and their use of herbs for medicinal purposes.​

Immigration to Evergreen Begins in 1850s

The history of emigration into Alta California by the Spanish and gold seekers, and the settling of Evergreen following California's statehood, written by Colleen Cortese and published in the Evergreen Times.