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English 1A - Rojas: Selecting a Topic

Use for English 1A master guide

Rojas Assignment

Each student in class will be required to research their own topic of interest as it relates to our course theme—technology and its impact on society—and the major/career they plan to pursue.

Topic Ideas

How do I get Ideas for a Research Topic?

Check out our database CQ Researcher to brainstorm for controversial issues. Click Browse Reports and select By Topic for a list of topic ideas.



Other databases that will help you to select a topic:

Websites for Topic Ideas



You could write thousands of pages on global warming, but narrowing your focus to the impact of rising sea levels on coastal wetlands will give you a manageable topic and a clear purpose.


How do I narrow my topic?

When analyzing your topic, ask: who, what, where, when, why and how?

  • Who are the significant players? Who was impacted?
  • What are the components or aspects of the topic will you explore?
  • Where does your event take place? What locations are impacted by your topic?
  • When did the event occur and/or what is the significance of the time period on your event?
  • Why does this topic matter?
  • How does this topic impact society?

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