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English 1A - Rojas: Assignment - Rojas

Use for English 1A master guide


Proposal: 2 pages on your topic  Research Paper: §6-8 pages
§6 Secondary Sources (max 2 internet)      MLA Format

Rojas class assignment 1A

Set up

Set-up of Research Paper

Please keep in mind that a research paper is similar to writing a regular essay.  In the research paper, you will be required to present in writing:

  • an introduction with a strong thesis (a brief summary of your topic may be essential so that your reader will have an understanding of your chosen topic)
  • body paragraphs that demonstrate a topic with supporting details and analysis of that topic
  • a conclusion with final thoughts.

The main difference between a research paper and a regular essay is that students are required to gather their own resources.



  • Typed 2-page synopsis (a brief overview) of the overall topic you have chosen, possible individual topics (ie. body paragraph topics), the argument you plan to take, a mini explanation why you chose this topic, and the resources you have collected so far.  This will be uploaded into Canvas similar to other assignments.


  • After you receive feedback from me on your proposal, research your topic further and write a draft of your paper.  Criteria will be announced at a later date.  This will be uploaded into Canvas similar to other assignments. 

Technology and your topic of interest

ENGL 1A—R. Rojas

Technology and Your Interest; Research Paper: Problem/Solution

Final Research Paper Due: __________

Draft Due: _____________

Proposal Due: ______________

Research Binder Checks Due: Random dates


General Overview

Each student in class will be required to research their own topic of interest as it relates to our course theme—technology and its impact on society—and the major/career they plan to pursue.   

At the end of each unit, we will spend time wrapping up our knowledge and further interest with a quick L+ journal—“what did I learn?” and “what additional things do I want to learn?”  We will also develop your skills in gathering more sources from the library databases and brainstorming in class. These activities will assist you in choosing a topic of interest for your research.

Here are two examples:   

  • After reading, “Body Cameras Help Everyone—Including the Police,” students may express interest in technology and law enforcement. Students pursuing a major in Administrative Justice  (AJ) may find this topic interesting. 
    • For students who are not AJ majors and maybe Sociology majors may find this topic interesting because of the social inequalities of our society.
  • After reading, the blog, “The Ways Technology is Changing Nursing,” students may express interest in how nurses will not have little contact assessing patients’ symptoms since computerized robots are now diagnosing patients’ needs.  Students pursuing a major in Nursing may find this topic interesting.
    • For students who are not Nursing majors and maybe Engineer majors may find this topic interesting because of computerized robots.


What should be done about the significant changes technology has in your major/career or topic of interest?

Write an essay in which you present your argument, solution(s) that will make the biggest impact, and support the solution(s) with evidence from your research.

Students will:

1) conduct their own research using the library database

2) consider the field they plan to pursue with their major OR a topic of interest they wish to further investigate from the L+ journals

3) write an essay in which they argue for a solution that will make the biggest impact on the problem.

Research paper

Research Paper

  • Use a minimum of six secondary resources; our primary resources are the ones we use in our class.  It is the students’ responsibility to gather their own research material. 
  • Of these six secondary resources:
  1. Articles from EVC’s Library Database (No limit)
  2. 2 Articles from open Internet (ie. Yahoo!, CNN, FoxNews, YouTube, etc.)

Please limit your use of open Internet articles.  Library Catalog Databases are highly recommended.

  • Works Cited page
  • MLA format (criteria for amount of quotes will be announced later)
  • Minimum 6-8 pages (does not include Works Cited page)
  • This will be uploaded into Canvas similar to other assignments.

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