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English 1A - Hahn: 3. Resources

Finding Credible Articles

Picture of database. Image shows that database contains magazines, newspapers and journals.
Search the Library's databases to find articles to support your papers. A list of our databases can be found here.

Scholarly Academic Journals

Statistical Data


Search for State and Federal Supreme Court Decisions here:


Search for Supreme Court Case Transcripts here:

Government Documents

A good place to find state and federal documents is online through government websites. Use "" to narrow your results in Google to .gov websites.

Google search using to narrow searches to .gov websites.


For local topics, use local newspapers. Researching Homelessness in San Jose? Search the San Jose Mercury News website.

Also check out our Newspaper databases:

Topics and Keywords

When searching library databases, only type in keywords that are relevant to your focused research question:

Do abstinence-only programs reduce teen pregnancy? 

Keywords for this topic include: abstinence-only and teen pregnancy.
What other related concepts or synonyms could you search for to find additional results? Topics like, sex education, are also related and could be searched for to receive a different selection of results.

Is this information credible?