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COMS Persuasive Speech: Find Books

Searching the Catalog

The EVC Library Catalog is accessed online and allows you to search through the library's holdings for relevant books. You may search by author, title or subject.

1. Locate Books by Subject: 

  • If you’re starting out and want to obtain general information on the topic, you may search the catalog by Subject. Remember that general information, typically found in Encyclopedias, will provide broad information on the topic. For example, Immigration is a broad topic and will return a lot of hits; be specific.
  • Use words specific to the subject you are studying. For example, use “human smuggling” to find information on that topic. Use synonyms as well: e.g. “human trafficking”. 

2. Locate Books by Keyword

            charter schools

            immigration labor laws

            “slow food” (place parenthesis around phrases)

Tip: Add an asterisk (*) for a base form of a word that can have multiple endings. e.g.  teen* will retrieve teen, teens, teenager, teenagers, teenaged

Library Card

To check out any resources or access articles and ebooks off campus, you must have an EVC student ID card. 

If you do not have a student ID card, you may pick one up at Admissions and Records.


Transferring Books from SJCC

If you are searching the catalog and find that the book you need is located at SJCC, you may:

  • Transfer the book to the EVC library, which takes 3-4 days. To do this write down the title, author, year, call number and ask to have the book tranferred at the front desk. You will need your student ID card with you.
  • Go to SJCC and check out the book with your EVC student ID card.  Where is SJCC? 

San Jose Public Library

San Jose Public Library

Students: as residents of California, you have access to the resources available at San Jose Public Library. Search the SJPL catalog and have books transferred to your nearest SJPL branch*.

SJPL Catalog

*To transfer and/or check out books at SJPL you will need to obtain a SJPL library card.


Books in the Library

Encyclopedias are a great way to get started on a research project!  These are e-book encyclopedias and can be read online through the computer. Click the title to access the book. If off campus, you will need to use Single Sign-On.
Browse through our other e-Encyclopedias here!