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Spooktacular2020: The Witching Hour

Chapter 13 - The Witching Hour

All the clocks in the library strike midnight. There's not a soul around to help you, so you head to the bookstacks to browse the print collection. You open the first book that seems relevant to your topic,...

fly illustration crawls out of the book

...then you quickly slam the book shut. Maybe e-resources are the way to go! A single computer in the library suddenly turns on. Flickering on the monitor is the EVC Library Online Support page ( As you lean in to examine the site, you realize that you could've made an appointment to talk to a Librarian via Zoom, chat, or email!! Briskly, you make your way to the exit, but the door won't open! Your cell phone loses service, and you decide to use the phone behind the Reference Desk to call for help. Picking up the phone's receiver, you hear...

rotary telephone


  1. Familiarity with the EVC Library Online Support page
  2. Know how to contact a librarian for research assistance via Zoom, chat, and email