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Spooktacular2020: EEEEEEEE!! Resources

ghost hand


Before you can touch the keyboard, you sense a cold, clammy hand shoving you aside. You let out a scream, "EEEEEEEE!" Emma thinks you're taking too long. She takes over the keyboard and goes straight to the EVC Library Online Support page to search for an eBook.


You watch the screen as Emma...

  1. goes to
  2. clicks the link in "EVC Library provides you access to online articles, eBooks and streaming media"
  3. finds the eBooks link under"Databases by Article/Resource Type" on the right
  4. discovers 2 eBook databases, EBSCO and Gale
  5. chooses "EBSCO ebook Collection[Note: If you don’t see the SSO login box appear, it’s probably because you recently used that login.]
  6. searches for "horror films"
  7. clicks on the bold title, "Horror Film and Psychoanalysis"

[Note: "PDF Full Text" is on the left menu PDF Full Text]

[Note: "Cite" is in the toolbar on the right. CIte]

Emma finds another source for you. She clicks on the "Cite" tool. 




  1. What is one way to navigate to the Library database page?
  2. What are the 2 databases named that provide eBooks?
  3. What other feature is available that you will need later?