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Spooktacular2020: SOS with SSO

It's the restless spirit of Emma Laye, an EVC student that attended back in 1975. On her last assignment she got an 'F'! She is still determined to get an 'A'! You are in disbelief. You have just found THE PERFECT study partner! If you let her work with you on your paper, she'll release you from the Library. Emma directs you to a puzzle on the table. Her tech skills are outdated, but she knows the puzzle holds an important clue to access databases with e-resources such as online articles, eBooks, and film. It has something to do with "SSO" which stands for "Single Sign-On".

Congratulations! You have solved the puzzle. SSO is the key to get e-resources from the Library! You may run across this page accessing resources from our EVC Campus. If you do, please sign-on with your EVC Student email and password. If it is your first time signing on, click on the "Knowledge Base" link and follow the instructions. And now you can access the Library databases!

Hit the mouse and keyboard. There's work to do!

keyboard and mouse


  1. Know that SSO login is required to access Library databases
  2. E-resources include online articles, eBooks, and streaming media
  3. Know how to get help with SSO login