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Rooftops of Tehran Research Guide: Websites

Prepared for English 1A - Roohi Vora

The Rooftops of Tehran - Mahbod Seraji at SJSU 2015

Source: Youtube

"Happy" Iranians arrested over music video

Google News & Scholar

How do I determine if a website is reliable?

Evaluating Websites and Other Sources


  • Who is the author?
  • Why was it written -- for what purpose, organization, or audience?
  • When was it written?
  • Does it include references or a works cited list?

If you cannot determine the credibility of the information you are using from a website, it's best not to use it to factually support your argument. Using biased or inaccurate information in your paper can negatively impact your grade.

Web Searching Caution

Searching Google Scholar

How to search Google Scholar:

1. Go to Google Scholar

2. Enter your topic/search terms in the search box:

3. If the full text is available, the links to the Full Text article will ... appear to the right of the title: